LED Lights vs. HPS Lights: Which is Better?

Many indoor gardeners already know the kind of grow lights that they have to use to improve their gardening experience. If you are looking at the best lights for indoor gardening, you will be looking at LED grow lights and HPS lights. These two lightings are beneficial in their own way and they have more advantage over the traditional lighting but they do have their own weaknesses and strengths. You can check out some of the important differences between LED Grow Lights and HPS lights.

Life Span of Grow Lights

You need to look at the life span of the gardening lights because this is a huge investment that you will be making. Basically, if you talk about the price of Grow Blu LED lights, they are two times more expensive compared with HPS lights. You might say that HPS is better since it is also cheaper, but the life span of LED lights is longer compared to HPS. A common HPS only lasts for about 10,000 to 20,000 hours, while the best LED grow lights can last for about 50,000 to 75,000 hours. It can last for about 3 times longer than HPS. If you compare their life span, you can say that 3 HPS lights are equivalent to 1 LED light.

Temperature of Lights

HPS lights are actually the same with incandescent lights, though it is actually better in every aspect. However, the temperature that they offer is just the same so water evaporation inside the garden is higher. One thing that you will notice when using an LED grow light is that the lights are still cool even if you are using it for several days. It means that LED lights produce lesser heat compared to HPS lights and they can reduce the evaporation of water on the plants. Burning of the leaves can also be prevented if the temperature inside the garden is reduced. This is the main reason why most gardeners prefer the use of LED grow lights over HPS lights when it comes to temperature.

Light Spectrum of Garden Lights

The light spectrum of HPS is actually the same with incandescent bulbs and most of the lights that they produce cannot be used by the plants so they are wasted. LED lights on the other hand produce lights that can be used by the plants and 95 percent of the lights that they produce are beneficial to the growth of the plants. Based on the statement on a LED grow lights review, these lights can be the best indoor lights for gardening.


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